Hyperbaric Therapy Can Help Improve Athletic Performance
Athletic performance is highly dependent on the physical condition of the athletes’. The Hyperbaric chamber allows the athlete to recover more quickly and improves general health, which leads to greater physical performance. In a study involving soccer players in Scotland, the time it takes to recover from joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, and other types of injuries was reduced by 70% when the players were treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in addition to physiotherapy. The Hyperbaric chamber also speeds recovery from workouts by infusing oxygen into the body’s tissues. This allows the athlete to perform better because he/she is fully recovered from the previous workout.
Hyperbaric Impact on Sports Injuries
The risk of injuries is a potential hazard for all sports and can occur in even the most novice athletes.  More and more athletes are taking control of their recovery and coming back stronger than ever using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  A hyperbaric oxygen chamber creates an environment of increased pressure, which forces greater amounts of oxygen into the body.  This higher concentration of oxygen reaches the blood supply, organs, injured muscle and bone tissue, damaged tendons and joints, supporting the body’s natural healing process at a much faster rate.  In effect, recovery times are reduced, performance is improved, and endurance is enhanced.  In fact, the effectiveness of hyperbaric therapy has been well documented.  Consequently, professional NBA, NHL, and NFL teams (including the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys) currently utilize hyperbaric chambers for player therapy.


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